I seriously need to get my shit together and start drawing on a daily basis again.
Congratulations on your first WTNVCon Fanwork Prompts Badge!



Scorpion Badge: completed 5 prompts of your choosing.

Yaaaay I did it!!! \o/
I am so so so proud of myself for this achievement.
If you’re curious here’s my prompts entry. uwu

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Prompt: Cecil meets Steve Carlsberg face-to-face"Finally we meet, STEEEEVE CAAARLLLSSSSBERGGGGGG!”I think poor Steve is the only normal human being in all Night Vale. If you somehow would be transported into NV suddenly you’d probably be Steve and you would question the heck out the whole situation.
Promp: Appearance of the Night Vale Community Radio StationI imagine the inside of the radio station like this very huge space, where nothing is what it seems to be. Stairs that end in a wall, doors that open on nothing, rooms that appear and disappear.I feel like space itself is alive inside Night Vale Community Radio Station. It’s a mix of Harry Potter space idea, mazes and Escher’s drawings
Promp: Night Vale school system schedules/course selection
Layout of the NV course selection paper inspired by Etobicoke school of the Arts, grade 12 course selection (Toronto).
Promp: All hail the Glow Cloud
The stock photo is from sxc.hu (Image ID: 1154982)
What do you mean I like to draw crazy expressions? I don’t know what you’re talking about!!! (◡﹏◡✿) Seems like I kinda got out my artblock maybe….Junko because of reasons~ (☞゚∀゚)☞


I made this for every artist on Tumblr. Good job, everybody!

this is the best thing ever!




twinkle twinkle little star

why is art so fuCKING HARD

up above the world so high

i cant draw the OTHER EYE

twinkle twinkle little FUCK


what the-

I give up.